Are Air Vent Filters a Good Idea?

Adding air vent filters to your home is an effective way to protect your family from dust and allergens. These particles can enter the ducts through cracks and bypass the main filter of the oven, as well as collect on ventilation grilles during periods of inactivity. Supply grilles don't need, and in fact, shouldn't have an air filter. The filter belongs to the return side of the heating and air conditioning system of your HVAC, and it is essential to have one there.

If you have a correct size return air filter that is properly installed, then there is no need for a supply vent filter. It will cause more problems than you could already have. Some homeowners have dust and musty odors caused by mold spores coming out of supply grilles and want to prevent them from getting into the air they breathe. The answer to this problem is to have the ducts cleaned and sealed.

Don't mask the problem or make it worse with a vent filter on all supply grilles. To prevent pollutants that cause allergies from leaving your home, you need to have the correct air filter on the return side and have the duct work properly sealed to prevent dust and other unpleasant things from entering your home. Adding air filters to your home's vents can trap and eliminate any allergens before they reach your loved ones inside your home. Air entering the HVAC system must be filtered to keep contaminants out of the interior of the equipment.

When allowed to pass through the system, dust, dirt, and other particles settle on components and disrupt their ability to function. Debris buildup inside the HVAC system damages component performance and reduces overall system energy efficiency. Return vent filters generally do not cause any damage to your HVAC system and are easy to install; no need for an HVAC technician. Air filters with a Merv rating of 8-12 are a great choice because they are suitable for most heat pumps and will do a great job at capturing a wide range of contaminants in the air.

Return vent filters help filter contaminants so they don't enter your system in the first place. The advantages of adding air vent filters to your home are clear: they serve as an additional line of defense against dust and allergens, help keep indoor air clean by removing air pollutants such as allergens, are efficient enough to filter common household particles, but also light enough to have minimal impact on airflow, help eliminate any allergens that may have accumulated in ventilation grilles, as well as trap any allergens that have slipped through the cracks and passed through the filter of your HVAC system, help reduce the amount of indoor allergens inside your home, and help your heat pump last for many years. If you're concerned about allergens floating around your house causing allergy outbreaks, asthma attacks, or poor indoor air quality (CAI), adding air vent filters is a great idea with an immediate return on investment. There is evidence that duct network sealing and insulation will pay for itself with lower bills only in a few years.

And then you save money every month and you also use less energy. An HVAC technician is better trained and has more knowledge about ducts and their proper cleaning; they will have the right solution for you.

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