Which Furnace Filters are Best for Allergies?

If you have an oven and suffer from allergies, you're probably wondering which brands are the best oven filters for allergies. There are many allergy-reducing HVAC filters on the market; however, these particular types are best suited for capturing pollen, dander, dust and pollutants in the air, which cause allergies. Read on to learn more about the best oven filters for allergies and determine which options work best for your oven and your type of allergies. When it comes to selecting the best furnace filters for allergies, the higher the MERV rating, the better.

A MERV rating between 11 and 13 is ideal for capturing most fine particles, including pollen and pet dander. Filtrete Micro Allergen Air Filters with a MERV-11 (MPR 1000) rating are a great choice for allergy relief. True Blue Allergen Protection Air Filter 16x25x1, MERV 11, 4-Pack is another option that is specially designed for those prone to allergies. Filter Performance Rating (FPR) is another rating system developed and used by Home Depot.

In case you are unsure about MRP vs MERV vs FPR, below is a useful table from Filtersnap that shows how they relate and can change FPR to MERV. My new filters are manufactured by Nordic Pure and have a Merv 13 rating. They arrived at a great price and I will highlight them below. This Filtrete filter could clean your house for you.

It won't clean your house, but I'm sure you'll notice less dust around if you use it often. You'll notice that the pleats of the filter are closer together. The folds that are together have more surface area and do a great job of letting air through while capturing the worst allergens such as pollen, dust mites, and pet dander. It's not cheap for a 2-pack, but I must admit it's tempting to see how this filter works.

And since I have symptoms of dust mite allergy, I am willing to give him an injection. I will report as I continue to evaluate high-quality HVAC filters. While looking for other high-quality filter companies, I found Nordic Pure. OK, good name, show me more.

Pet owners said they noticed a difference (less) in indoor dust after just a few days. I have noticed a reduction in my eczema caused by allergies. People who were Filtrete customers for life said they appreciated the solid construction of Nordic Pure filters compared to Filtrete. Other allergy sufferers use these filters and keep the ventilation open all year round so they can capture all the dust in the house.

Check Nordic Pure sizes on Amazon Finally, I looked at the price. The price of these filters seems reasonable compared to Filtrete. It's true that Filtrete practically has a monopoly in the U. S.

UU. But there are other options that are of high quality. I was impressed that the Nordic Pure filters were made with more structural support than my old Filtrete, which was collapsing from suction. Rated 1900 MPR (MERV 1), this filter is almost twice as strong as our No.

In addition to pollen, dust, dust mites and dander, this filter captures particulate matter (PM) 2.5, as well as viruses and bacteria. I would be interested in testing this filter and comparing it with the filter I currently use. It comes in a 6-pack, which is twice the price of our No. The carbon layer is black and is what reduces odors.

In addition, if you smoke or cook with strong seasonings, you can kill two birds with one stone (allergies and odor). Its price is still affordable for a 4-pack, which makes it slightly more expensive than our No. As one of the most basic HVAC allergy filters, it will do its job and help alleviate some allergy symptoms. You can count on the microallergen defense filter.

I can recommend this product from experience, as this is the air conditioning filter I used after I was diagnosed with a dust mite allergy. Sometimes this filter will be available at home improvement stores. It's the most basic allergy protection, so you should feel an improvement in your symptoms, but not as much as the stronger filters below. Depending on how much you use your HVAC, expect to change it every 3 to 6 months.

According to Filtrete, this filter captures lint, dust, dust mites, mold, pollen, smoke and smog. That's pretty good coverage for our No. Although Filtrete has control of the market for high-quality filters, there are a few other companies that work to provide relief from allergies. Nordic Pure is one of those companies based in Texas.

While Filtrete uses the MPR rating system, Nordic Pure uses the industry standard MERV rating. See the table above for equivalence scores.

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